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Instawload is an instagram video downloader that allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram. It's the easiest and fastest way found on the internet to download your favorite Instagram photos and videos and immortalize them in your libraries.


Instawload came from a real need to download photos and videos of instagram, a common wish among the countless users of the most popular social network of recent times.

There has been a lot of research until you find the magic formula to solve the users' greatest desire - to download photos and videos of instagram in a practical, fast and without taking up the memory of your device.


See how easy it is to download Instagram photos and videos here on Instawload. Follow the steps below and then check the image if you have any questions.

How to download photos and videos on Instawload

  • First you must access the profile of who you want to download the photo / video. Open the photo / video you want to download and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Then look for "copy link" and click on it. If you are using Instagram through the site, simply access the photo / video and copy the link from the address bar of your browser.
  • Go to Instawload and paste the photo / video link into the text field.
  • To finish, click the "Download" button.

Ready! You will be redirected to a new page and your photo / video will be ready for download.


It is also very easy to download Instagram Stories through Instawload. Enough click here and access the page to download Stories.

Can I download photos and videos from any user?

Instagram has two types of accounts: open and closed. Open users are those that anyone can view your posts. Closed users are a bit different because they can only view posts from them who are following them. In that case, Instawload can download any photo and any video from all open users. But Instagram does not allow us to have access to closed users.

Can I download as many pictures and videos as I want?

Yes, if you wish, you can spend 24 hours a day on Instawload by downloading photos and videos from various Instagram users. We do not have a limit. Here at Instawload it's all unlimited.

How do I use Instawload on my site?

Did you know that you can offer users of your site the use of Instawload? Yes!!! If you wish, visitors to your site can also download photos and videos from Instagram. To do this, go to the main page of Instawload and look for our Widget. Then click the "copy widget" or "copy code". Now just access your website code and paste where you want our widget to appear. This way, users of your site will see the Instawload form and will be able to download Instagram photos and videos from your site. Too cool, huh ?!

Who recommends Instawload?

Look who has already indicated the people in the network: Olhar Digital, IG Tecnologia, TechTudo, BaixeFácil, Zigg UOL and many others.

These giants, sites of reference for many readers, recommend Instawload to download photos and videos of Instagram because here it is very easy, simple and fast.



Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos created in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom (entrepreneur and software engineer) and Mike Krieger (Brazilian software engineer and entrepreneur). More than just a social network, Instagram is a simple, fun and creative way to capture, edit, and share photos, videos, and messages with friends and family.

Currently, Instagram ranks sixth in the ranking of the largest social networks in the world and is the one with the highest percentage of growth in recent years. It is behind only a few giants like Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. It is estimated that Instagram has a total of 813 million users.

At its inception, Instagram allowed for the posting of only low-resolution, square-format photos. However, in a short time, it was noticed the great growth of the social network and then its creators decided to cover other proportions for the photos.

From then on Instagram did not stop innovating and in June of 2013 was launched the option of posting videos. In that first moment it was allowed to send videos with resolution of 640x640 and 15 seconds. A few months later, in July 2015, Instagram released the posting of videos in 1080p resolution and maximum time of 60 seconds.

In addition to allowing the creation of photo and video posts, Instagram in August 2016 launched one of the application's most widely used features, the "snapgram" or "instastories". An instastorie can have photo or video and after it is sent it is available for 24h. After this period, it is no longer possible to see it.


It is possible to use Instagram on several platforms, which are: android, iphone and also on the computer.

For those who have an Android smartphone, the procedure is very simple. Go to the "Play Store" and search for "Instagram". Once you find it, simply click on the "Install" button and you're done, the application will be installed on your smartphone. If you prefer, you can access the app from the Play Store via the link

If you have an iPhone, the procedure is very similar to the previous one. Go to the "AppStore" (iPhone app store) and look for "Instagram" in the search field. After that, click on it and then click "Install." In a few seconds the application will be installed on your iPhone.

No download or installation is necessary for the computer. Just log in through the official Instagram website - and make your login. An important detail is that the version of the site, for both pc and mobile, has some limitations. The user who accesses one of these two versions will not have access to some social network features.


There are two options for registering with Instagram: either by the site or by the application.

  • By site: access and you will see on the screen two options, the registration via facebook through the button "Login with Facebook" or a form where you must fill in your mobile number, full name, username and password.
  • From the app: Open the app on your smartphone and you have two options, either by clicking the "Sign in with Facebook" button or filling out the form with mobile number, full name, username and password.

In both registration options, be sure to enter your mobile number. It must be filled correctly because instagram will send an sms to your mobile phone to check the veracity of the inserted information.

If you decide to register via the Facebook button, you will need to enter your Facebook login and password. With this, Instagram will access your Facebook data and create your account automatically.


  • Camera used
    Regardless of any other tip, we can not belittle the quality of the camera we are using to take away our selfie. It makes and always will make all the difference! Test all camera settings such as focus, lighting, saturation, etc. If you learn to get the most out of your camera, your selfie will get better and better.
  • Photo background
    Another factor that makes all the difference in our self is the environment where we are taking the photo, more specifically the background of the photo! Try to keep the camera at a distance from your face that is sufficient to show the background. Prioritize the environment and always look for a place with good lighting.
  • Take multiple photos
    That's right, take several selfies until you find the ideal to be posted on social networks. Do not give up on the first photo. Only by taking several pictures will you learn and discover your best angle. Some people prefer a photo over the top, others prefer more side, etc. And you, what do you like?
  • Use both hands
    This tip of using both hands to take selfie is for a single reason: no one deserves a blur, does not it? Holding your camera with both hands is more assured for the success of your selfie.
  • Edit the photo
    We can not underestimate the myriad of options the internet provides us today to edit our photos, from websites to apps. Each user has his / her preference when editing photos. Never stop using this option. Instagram itself offers a huge variety of filters so that we can further improve the quality of our photos. So enjoy!


To get started, you should look for Instagram between your applications and open it. If you do not have Instagram installed, open the Play Store (on android) or the AppStore (on the iphone), search for it in the applications, and install it.

Once opened, you'll see the Instagram home screen. At the bottom, click the middle button (which has a plus icon).

Now we are on the screen of choosing the photo / video. Here you'll choose whether to send a photo / video from your smartphone's gallery or if you'd rather take a new photo or make a new video at that time. Select the desired option and in the upper right click "next".

Post photo on instagram and choose photo

At that moment we are in the editing screen of the chosen content. Here we can edit our content in several ways, among them are the famous Instagram filters. Just click on each of them to have a preview of how your photo / video will look. Among the available Instagram filters are: normal, clarendon, gingam, moon, lark, kings, juno, slumber, cream, ludwig, aden, perpetual, amaro, mayfair, rise, hudson, valencia, x-pro ii, sierra, willow , lo-fi, inkwell, hefe and nashville. Undoubtedly, it is the most famous and most filter-intensive application for you to make your photos and videos ever cooler! Did you choose your filter? So now click the "next" button in the upper right.

We have reached the last step. To conclude, we need to write a caption for the content to be posted. In this same screen we can also add a location in the photo to indicate where we took that photograph, and also to mark people who are with us in the photo and who have profile on Instagram.

Applying Filters and Sharing Photo and Video on Instagram

After that, just click on "share" and that's it, your content will be sent to the Instagram feed.

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What is Instawload?

Instawload is an instagram video downloader that allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram.

How it works?

It's very simple! Just copy the link from your photo or video, paste in the field above and hit "Download".

How to advertise?

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Who developed it?

The instawload was developed by Brazilians to help the whole world to decompress something so simple.